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make me choose: cora hale or peter hale? (asked by wristsfullofanarchy)


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Looks like they’ve figured it out.


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Amber Heard in Manhattan, New York City (04.13.2014)

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'Girl picking up girls'

everyone needs to watch this!

I love the girl who says “Why the fuck not?”



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Maps to the Stars, 2014 (x)


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You pride yourself in being so detached, that you wouldn’t be able to see a good thing if it stood eagerly in front of you. Trust me, I’ve been here for a while now.
You pride yourself in being so detached, that the less emotion you elicit, the more power you seem to possess. And I willingly hand it over to you each and every time.
Please tell me why I’ve nearly killed myself over and over because I never felt adequate enough for you. Or how I would wait outside in the rain for an hour just to see you for 5 minutes.
And no matter how content I should be with myself, I’ll always be a few steps behind, trying to see how I could be better for you. Because just when I’m ready to walk away, I can see your silhouette chasing me down.
And right when I’m about to turn around,
you’re nowhere to be found.

- Connotativewords | jl | Careful

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People, there are TWO NEW TRAILERS!  This is the international one and features a great extra line from Charles!


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Ellen Page and Shailene Woodley on the red carpet at the MTV Movie Awards, 13 April 2014. Credit to EPD.